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Hated his CPAP

I have stopped using my sleep mask after my first NoSnore treatment and have not used it since.

I am sleeping better and so is my wife since my sleep mask would leak occasionally and wake her up.  NoSnore Therapy is a program that effectively stops snoring.

I am sleeping better and I no longer have a problems swallowing certain kinds of food.

-Fred H

Happy Wife

As the wife of a husband with sleep apnea, I’d like to express my gratitude.

John has been scaring me for years by holding his breath while sleeping. These episodes continues all night long, breaths being hold anywhere from 4-6 seconds at a time. Following the hold, John would gasp for air, interrupting his sleep, causing his body to tremble.

After reading that this occurrence was called sleep apnea, we began searching for more information. The more we found, the scarier the situation appeared. After all, John’s brain was not receiving the proper oxygen, his heart was being deprived the necessary oxygen, and his lungs were not receiving full oxygen capacity. Noticing the “oxygen” commonality, we promptly signed up for a sleep clinic at the suggestion of our family doctor. The clinic’s recommendation was a breathing machine called a CPAP. It was terrible. It was cumbersome and almost claustrophobic. I wonder how many closets are filled with such unused and costly contraptions.

John also tried adenoids removal, air strips, assorted “sleep pillows”, aromatherapy, and acupuncture, all to no avail. The situation was closing in on the twenty year period.

It was natural for the both of us to be skeptical when reading about your procedure to alleviate sleep apnea. But after the first few NON-INVASIVE treatments, John’s breathing was not halted by restraining breaths. Although he still snored, the oxygen deprivation was noticeably lessened. As the treatments progressed, John’s breathing became increasingly stronger. The apnea disappeared!!!!

Not only do we want to thank you for your amazing breakthrough achievement with apnea, we want to thank you for your professionalism. From our first meeting, you instilled confidence, dedication, and knowledge of your chosen profession. It certainly takes a special person such as YOU, to convey unfamiliar information.

From the bottom of our lungs, we both say thank you which seems completely inadequate at this point. We strongly support your technique, praying that other sufferers may receive the relief they so deserve.

Most gratefully,
Cheryl & John Hall

-West Groove, PA 

Sleep Apnea / CPAP

I hate my CPAP machine! In fact, I haven‘t used it in over a year and a half, despite not sleeping well.

After my first NoSnore session with Dr. Scot, I slept so good! I don’t feel like I need to take a nap during the day.

My sleeping is 95% better. I don’t think that I’ll use the CPAP again!

- Laurie I.


My roommate said that my snoring was not as loud or as often! 

I slept through the whole night, not waking up as I would normally do.

- Phyllis B.


I stopped snoring with one NoSnore Therapy session! (My wife is very happy!) Now I sleep much better!

Dr. Scot is a nice man– not motivated by insurance income, but rather a real sense of wanting you to be better.

- Chad K.

Snoring / Apnea / Hiccups 

I began NoSnore Therapy because of health concerns, since I snored, stopped breathing at night, and had hiccups when I slept.  I went because my mother recommended Dr. Scot to me.

I have seen a reduction in my snoring, but more important, I feel rested because of better sleep.  I have more energy to be active.  I haven't hiccuped in my sleep since, as well.

NoSnore Therapy is an advanced concept and is a great alternative to surgery.

Dr. Scot is helpful, fun, understanding, smart, and really understands what he is doing.

- Evan D.

Sleep Apnea

It makes sense! Dr. Scot explained everything to my satisfaction. I had just recently had my first sleep study and they said I needed the CPAP machine. I did not want to use that machine.

After my first NoSnore session, I slept through the night without waking up! In fact, I woke up in the same position that I laid down. I was dreaming when the alarm went off this morning!

I have so much energy during the day, that my coworkers notice the difference!

 - Jo Ann L.

Better Sleep, Breathing, and Voice

After my first NoSnore Therapy, I noticed that I was breathing more easily.  After that night, I have more energy and my voice stayed stong thoughout the day.

Since beginning NoSnore Therapy, I sleep well.  I do not stop breathing anymore.  I aslo don't snore or make any noises during the night.

-Gilles V.

Snoring / Fractured Sleep

My sleep was always fractured with very loud snoring and periods of not breathing that would awaken me. It was so bad, when I traveled with friends a few weeks prior, they had video taped me sleeping so I could see how bad it actually was; I was pretty shocked!

After my first NoSnore Therapy, MY SNORING WAS REDUCED 75% according to my roommates.

Personally, I slept better than had in years. I didn’t realize how bad my sleep had become over the years until I awoke the next morning feeling very refreshed and without my typical raw throat! I also had more energy that I hadn’t had as far back as I can remember!

When I was able to sleep with my wife, she awoke several times through the night to check if I was alive!  She had become so accustom to my snoring that she thought I wasn't breathing!

Your passion for your craft is unparalleled and your care for your patients is deeply appreciated. Thank you for caring so much.

- Ed F.

I was told that you did a couple of NoSnore Therapy sessions with my husband to help him resolve the snoring issue that he has at the CEO Space Forum in LA.  When Ed returned home, I was given a brief gist on what had happened and how now he sleeps much better and barely snores.  I wasn’t a believer, I know how he snores!

On the way home from the airport, Ed fell asleep in the car.  When I saw that he was sleeping, but put my hand up to his nose to make sure he was actually alive!  I couldn’t hear him.  There was no snoring at all!  He was breathing so quiet, that at a couple of stop lights, I leaned over so I could hear that he was actually breathing!

I couldn’t believe that only 2 sessions with you produced such an amazing change!  I was not a believer before that car ride home.  Now, I am married to living proof that your methods work. Thanks Dr. Scot! Even though you didn’t treat me, now I sleep at night too!

-Jerilynn F.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea / BiPAP

     I have suffered from Obstructive Sleep Apnea for well over 20 years. I was first diagnosed after 10 years of horrible sleep and a cloudy daytime drowsiness became absolutely debilitating. I have been using the BiPAP every night for 8 years.

I have endured several sleep studies in New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom and the USA, totaling 24 studies in all. Each of the studies proved what I already knew and had been told; I have the worst sleep apnea on record! I have been told that I apnea every two minutes, on average and stop breathing for 38 seconds during each event. Several of my friends have chosen the surgery that is supposed to alleviate the problem and all had terrible and horrific recoveries, only to discover that they had no relief.

     While mentioning this to a friend at church, she stated that she also has sleep apnea and suggested I contact Dr. Bennick for NoSnore treatments. Since everything I had read said explicitly that nothing really worked, I was reluctant to even try.

     Well, Dr. Bennick took the time to explain how NoSnore Therapy works and was encouraging, so I gave it a try anyway. I felt like six visits would tell the tale, but truthfully, I held little hope of any relief. So I endured the treatments; the silly exercises with my tongue, coughing and many other ridiculous antics that seemed to be a waste of time and money.

After the sixth visit, I decided to try to sleep without the Bi-Pap machine I had used for eight years, just to see if anything was different. When I awoke the next morning, having not used the bi-pap machine, I felt refreshed and alert! Was this magic? So, the next full week I slept without the Bi-Pap machine and every day I woke up refreshed and alert. The NoSnore Therapy that Dr. Bennick performed on me actually worked!

     It is now about 7 months since my six sessions and I am still sleeping well without a machine to help me breathe. I wake up each day refreshed and ready for the day! I am very grateful for what you have done for me, Dr. Bennick. I can now travel, go camping with my grandson, and do many things I could not do before NoSnore Therapy. So I just wish to say “Thank you” from the bottom of my heart for what you have done for me.

     I honestly will recommend you to everyone I know that has Sleep Apnea. Since I had the worst case, I believe Dr. Scot can treat the person who has moderate to severe SA like me with great success.

- Russell A.

Sleep Apnea / CPAP

I was able to sleep WITHOUT my uncomfortable CPAP after the first treatment with Dr. Scot.  I feel much more rested in the morning and have more stamina during the day.

Someone should choose NoSnore Therapy because it is not fair to subject others to one's own snoring problem.

-Roland Z.


Jim threatened me that I had to have NoSnore Therapy or that he might shoot me!  Since we were sharing a room for a week at the CEO Space Forum and since I was told that I have thunderous snoring, I decided to try NoSnore Therapy.

Last night my roomate thought I died, since I was not making ANY noise!

Amazing results in record time!

- Richard B.

I thought Richard was dead because he didn't make any noise all night long!

 - Jim K.

Sleep Apnea / CPAP

I would recommend the Dr. Bennick’s NoSnore Intensive Program to others.

 -Howard F. (Toronto, Canada)

Husband's Snoring

Dr. Scot introduced NoSnore Therapy to my husband and me. Only after a few treatments (3), I noticed a big difference with my husband. His loud snore became a quiet whisper! It was amazing! Although my husband has not been officially diagnosed with sleep apnea, I know NoSnore therapy has helped him breathe better (and us sleep better) at night!

-Heather M.

I was introduced to NoSnore Therapy by Dr. Scot during a holiday visit in 2005. After the initial treatment, I felt a substantial reduction of stress and tension in my shoulders and neck. I felt more flexible, relaxed, and focused. Surprisingly, I felt several inches taller. I even could hear better, as I have hearing damage from my youth. My wife was excited with the immediate impact on my snoring resulting in better, more rejuvenating sleep for both of us!

-Michael M.

Sleep Apnea / CPAP

I choose Dr. Scot and NoSnore Therapy because I have Sleep apnea and have been on a CPAP for 10 years! I relished the idea of sleeping without the machine and possibly going camping. I never knew I had an option!

Well, I can sleep all night without
the machine now which is a pretty big deal after 10 years!

NoSnore Therapy is a natural way to replace an unnatural breathing machine. NST is a therapy that helps stretch my neck muscles so that they do what they were and are intended to do – enable me to breathe. It’s different because the focus is on the front of your neck and tongue. If you are committed to getting off that darn machine, NoSnore Therapy can help you! Since my body is firing on all cylinders, I just feel better all the way around. Dr. Scot is great! He is very focused and knowledgeable on his therapy. Not only that, but he is fun to be around when he is treating you.

I also look forward to traveling and not getting stopped by Airport Security because my CPAP machine is in my carry on luggage.

-Laura G.

Sleep Apnea / CPAP

I felt like I was given a great gift and answer to prayer in meeting Dr. Scot – it was meant to be for me to find an answer to my sleep apnea.

Sleeping without CPAP; better, deeper sleep; deeper breaths- even when resting. It is now much easier to swallow pills and vitamins.

I am enjoying better rest, deeper sleep. I have seen a happier side of myself that has been gone for a long time. People at work and Curves (gym) state that I am singing and humming really often these days.

NoSnore Therapy has helped me have sleep better – be more focused at work and in life. I get more done in one day. I have seen a decrease in food cravings. I have lost 7 pounds and 11 inches in 30 days – I’m very happy. Even my dentist mentioned that my gums were much healthier because I wasn't using the CPAP.  (The pressure from the CPAP mask can cause tooth and gum problems.)   

Someone should choose Dr. Scot and NoSnore because Dr. Scot cares about the patient’s welfare. NoSnore Therapy is very strong medicine, for me it has reversed 20+ years of breathing impairment that has slowly been taking my health and life away!

Yes, I feel alive! Almost reborn. I look now with more anticipation to the day I return to the health of 20 years ago. 

-Linda C. 

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