The Shaquille O'Neal Challenge

I recently was told that the Shaq had a video about his Obstructive Sleep Apnea.  I watched a video on Youtube with 1.5 million other people! WOW!  Another pro athlete with sleep apnea!

 Click to watch "Shaq Attack Sleep Apnea" on YouTube

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My "challenge" is this..... I challenge him to see if he likes the CPAP machine.  If he doesn't then I OFFER TO GIVE SHAQUILLE ONEAL FREE NOSNORE THERAPY!  It can be here in beautiful Phoenix, AZ or I will go to where ever he is!

If the treatments don't improve his sleep, then nothing lost.  But if he breathes better ON HIS OWN and the SNORING STOPS, then I would like a testimonial and the possibility to collaborate.  This natural remedy needs a celebrity spokesman!  (hint-hint)

Personal Message to Shaquille O'Neal:

Hi Shaq. I saw on Youtube that you have sleep apnea.  Do you like the CPAP/BiPap machine?  Would you like to learn how to git rid of your sleep apnea?

I'm Dr. Scot Bennick. I am a chiropractor and have an aerospace engineering background (rocket scientist). 6 years ago after waking up one night from deep sleep and not being able to breathe, I set out to find a "cure" or at least a common-sense solution to sleep apnea and snoring!

I have been helping suffers since 2006 and have bunches of happy customers.  Goto the testimonial page to read some success stories.  Snoring disappears!!!  People have put their CPAPs away after the first NoSnore session!  I even have before and after sleep studies from their medical doctors showing that they DO NOT HAVE SLEEP APNEA ANYMORE!

I personally had a home sleep study similar to yours and they said "I had severe sleep apnea!"  I am 5'11'', 150 pounds, 38 yrs old-  not the typical build of a snorer! NoSnore Therapy changed everything!

As I wrote above Shaq, if you don't get any benefit then no money wasted, just a little time.  However, if you sleep better and stop snoring- what would that be worth? Would you give me a testimonial?  

My personal cell phone is 928-300-2597 and I will be glad to chat with you to discuss the possibility of sleeping without a machine and STOP SNORING! No cost, no obligation - just an offer from my heart.

Come to beautiful Phoenix, AZ or I will come to you to deliver the NoSnore Therapy sessions!

Yours in service,

"Dr. Scot"

ps- Watch my new SNORING VIDEO... (Click Here)

PPSS- I filed my provisional patent for an anti-snore device in Feb 2012.  This is in addition to my NoSnore Therapy.

Watch the video on Youtube, where Harvard School of medicine did a polysomnogram (overnight sleep study) on Shaq and he was given a CPAP breathing machine to help him fight the sleep apnea...

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