How NoSnore Therapy(tm) WORKS!

        A Common-Sense Approach.        

NoSnore Therapy(tm) is designed to address a common cause of snoring and sleep apnea.

It's this simple:                  

The "food" pipe and the windpipe share a common "wall".

Every time you swallow, this "pipe system" is shortening and creating tension.

This tension pulls the tongue down.

The tongue is crowding the back of the throat, which blocks breathing.

NoSnore Therapy(tm) REMOVES this tension. 

The tongue isn't pulled into the back of the throat anymore.

Normal breathing without snoring resumes.

Sleep all night long without waking up often.

It really is that simple!!!

Unfortunately, due to NoSnore(tm) intellectual property issues, we are unable to explain the therapy in any more detail on this website.

In fact, the Mayo Clinic stated recently that some sort of manipulation of the trachea is the direction hypoxia treatment is headed!

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